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in the tumblr tagging system, unsourced artwork is considered especially heinous. on this blogging platform, the users who source these felonies are part of an elite task force called the source your fucking artwork unit. these are their stories.



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In the spirit of Halloween, I made a list for a one-a-day gore challenge for the scariest month of the year, much like last year’s October Gore Art Challenge! Please tag #goretober for easy browsing (and perhaps #nsfw, #gore, and #blood as appropriate, for the viewers’ sake), and have fun!

1. Excessive Gashes/Lacerations2. Extra Limbs/Eyes/Etc3. Surgery4. Torture5. Amputation6. Cannibalism7. Gut Spill8. Ritualistic Sacrifice9. Monster Form10. Blood Bath11. Skewered12. Fire/Explosion Damage13. Decay14. Plant growth in body15. Emanciation16. Painful Transformation17. Backstabbed (literally or figuratively)18. Acid burn19. Toolbox Injuries/Robotic Parts/Prosthetics20. Parasite21. Manslaughter/Serial Killer22. Animal/beast wounds23. Nosebleed/Bruises/Minor Injury24. Post-Mortem examination25. Skeletal/Bones showing26. Crushed27. Possession/Corruption28. Sickness29. Distorted Body/Broken Bone30. Stitching31. You made it! Combine any 2-3 above!

Oooo this is good. I might try to do this one.

I’m doing Inktober anyway so hey why not
Only a bad musician blames their instument
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I just want Jim Moriarty to be the most happiest, evil, cruel and misbehaving man walking around.
I want him to eat swiss chocolate while he’s standing behind Sebastian. Sebastian who’s doing the dirty work, forcing a hostage to answer Jim’s questions and shooting him a grin every now and then.
I wish I could watch him as he’s sitting in his office, laughing to himself because he’s outwitted someone in such an easy way, it was almost boring again.
Jim Moriarty taking long showers after an exhausting day with the exact temperature he likes, humming melody after melody as he’s using far too much hair shampoo.

Just give us a happy Jim Moriarty, please.

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  1.  Harpy
  2. Centaur

  3. Slime

  4. Naga

  5. Mermaid

  6. Spider Girl

  7. Plant Girl

  8. Octomaid

  9. Demon

  10. Succubus

  11. True Monster

  12. Zombie

  13. Insect Girl

  14. Dullahan

  15. Dragon/Reptile Girl

  16. Ghost

  17. Robot

  18. Alien

  19. Cyclops

  20. Satyr

  21. Canine Girl

  22. Feline Girl

  23. Yōkai

  24. Multiple Limbs

  25. Favorite Monster Girl Type

  26. Favorite Monster Girl Character

  27. A Truly Gruesome Girl

  28. A Group of Monster Girls Together

  29. A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other

  30. Celebrate Monster Girls!

Well!  It’s October 1st!  I’ve decided that this month I will attempt to do the 30 day Monster Girl Challenge again!  Last time I did it was in 2012.  While I only did manage to go up to 27.  I really felt like I learned a lot plus it was when I created Bibi.  This challenge was a special place in my heart.  That’s why I really want to try it again! However, this time I will only draw original things.  I hope I can finish it this time!!

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